Chevron’s Timeline of Shame in Ecuador

Chevron’s history of exploitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, dating back to 1964, includes pollution, trials, denial, dirty tricks, and abuse of victims.

Garbus Memo: Preska to Recuse Herself

In September of 2020, Donziger’s attorney, Martin Garbus, sent a memo to Judge Preska respectfully asking her to recuse herself from the Donziger case for flagrant bias and violations of judicial ethics.

Congressional Letter to the U.S. Attorney General Asks For Intervention in Donziger Case

On April 27, 2021, Members of Congress sent an urgent letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland asking that the Department of Justice reassert jurisdiction over and review the Donziger case out of concerns that the legal case was tied to his previous work against Chevron.

Nobel Laureates Demand Justice for Donziger

On May 4th, 2021, 68 Nobel Laureates also sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney General asking that the Department of Justice intervene. In November of 2020, 55 Nobel Laureates demanded judicial authorities end the persecution of Donziger and asked that he be released from house

A Private Company’s Agenda Is Driving Donziger Case

Esteemed litigator William W. Taylor, III asks the Department of Justice to review the case against Donziger, arguing that Chevron’s agenda is driving the enforcement of Federal criminal law in a 22 page letter.

Monitoring Committee Demands Fair Trials

The Donziger Case Monitoring Committee (DCMC) launched in August of 2020 to ensure that the trials of the human rights lawyer in U.S. federal courts are conducted in a way that upholds due process, judicial ethics and the rule of law. Prior to the start of the trial, Judge Preska denied the monitors’ request for audio access to the proceedings. Read more here.

Video of Oil Spill Shows Extensive Environmental Damage

This video, courtesy Amazon Watch, shows the extent of the oil pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon the size of Rhode Island. Indigenous peoples and rural farmers continue to suffer devastating health conditions from the toxic oil waste.

Criminal Charges in Contempt Case Are Excessive

Former U.S. district judges, Nancy Gertner and Mark Bennett, raise questions about the prosecution of Donziger and argue that“without the exercise of due care, one judge could be playing the role of prosecutor, judge and jury in the same case - something that would put due process of law at grave risk,” in this Law 360 opinion piece.

Law Students Announce Boycott of Chevron Law Firm

Students from 52 leading law schools, including Harvard and NYU, boycott Seward and Kissel’s recruiting for the “unethical private” prosecution of Donziger.