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steven donziger in ecuador

Human rights lawyer Steven Donziger's fight against Chevron over its pollution in the Amazon rainforest is reaching a critical moment that demands immediate action by President Biden. Steven Donziger helped Amazon Indigenous peoples and farmer communities in Ecuador win a landmark $9.5 billion pollution judgment against Chevron. He then spent almost three years under house arrest and in prison after being detained by Chevron in the nation's first corporate prosecution based on a questionable "contempt of court" charge. Chevron also took his law license and confiscated his passport. If Mr. Donziger is not pardoned, it is likely that thousands of people in the Amazon facing an imminent risk of death from Chevron's pollution will be left defenseless.

Please join 11 members of Congress and dozens of prominent environmental and human rights organizations in urging Joe Biden to pardon Steven Donziger. This is a matter of fundamental justice for Steven, the people of Ecuador, and all climate justice advocates everywhere.

Photos: Tim Aubrey of Greenpeace 

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